Surrender (SOL Day 14)

Observe the many ways in which unease, discontent, and tension arise within you through unnecessary judgment, resistance to what is, and denial of the Now. My mind has been speeding through life recently. At times, I feel I won't be able to catch it. The tools I know and love haven't been useful to calm this... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 20’s!

Dear 20's, Goodbye! Wow you were a lot of fun. What a roller coaster! I remember being in college, living life young and silly. Lots of drinking, making mistakes, making and losing friends and love interests, and also working hard. Those first couple years were WILD. Things did not settle down on cruise ships. I... Continue Reading →

Being Bullied

She's a bully. She tears me down on the daily. You can't do it, she'll say. Even when I prove her wrong She'll find another way. She's a bully. Mean, like a middle school kid. Her words sting my heart Like daggers she's throwing Tearing my whole self apart. She's a bully. She's around all... Continue Reading →

Those Faces

My class and I have spent many hours together. Since August, we've spent most weeks together learning, playing, and growing. I know their faces. When they are confused by a Math problem When they are sick of taking notes When they are in love with their book When they want more time to work When... Continue Reading →


Alone I arrived in Paris, without language or transportation, and found my way to the hotel room. Alone I taught my first lesson to my first class of students, afraid and unprepared. Alone I cared for two extremely sick teens and got them to the Galapagos in time to see the tortoises. Without you there... Continue Reading →

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