My Tribe (SOL Day 22)

Your vibe attracts your tribe I love this quote for the meaning it has taken on in my life. Only recently has it become so relevant and true. Until now, I had a different view on friendships and connections. I grew up as a social butterfly, hopping around friend groups, and always wanting to be... Continue Reading →

Free (SOL Day 10)

Drop off backpack. Check my packing list. Fill up my water bottle. Change my clothes. Order taxi. I went through my list in my head as the elevator climbed from the second floor to the fourth. I had minutes to grab what I needed and get into a cab to meet the group on time... Continue Reading →

A Poem to Women

My heart cries out to the women afraid to be women they don't claim their power certain the sword will slice them Or they hide their truth because it's easier because it would upset because then they'd have to explain it Or they put on a mask of a man, or another not willing to... Continue Reading →

Being a Woman

I got a new tattoo. It is the first that is a tribute for someone else. It began with an idea of flowers on my arm, but it grew into much more. My new tattoo is a symbol for the strong, admirable women in my family. Each is represented in her own flower, which wrap... Continue Reading →

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