You and I (SOL Day 23)

You don’t even know how beautiful you are Your heavy eyelids lift before the light touches Your dark crevices become highlighted with gold The secrets of the night before lie plainly on the floor I hear a soft whisper ignite and the rustle of movement I admire you from my place breathing in deeply I... Continue Reading →

Sit with It

Although this was written months ago, I have yet to publish its entirety online. This poem is incredibly special to me. It tells of the pain that comes along with transformation and the hope that you might feel in the midst of it all. For the live version of this poem, please visit my Youtube Channel... Continue Reading →

Reaching the Peak

We stood looking at the glacier as the clouds opened up layers of mountain flowing around trees, rocks, and grassland below Our guide asked us a simple question, one that felt bigger than it sounded From here, how does it seem to you- to reach the peak? I looked hard at that distant point I... Continue Reading →

Left Out

We go to recess and games begin. I can't join that group, they have an even number. I can't play over there, I'm not fast enough. I sit at recess at watch them play games. That young girl didn't know what to say how to be included or who to talk to She kept quiet,... Continue Reading →

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