Left Out

We go to recess and games begin. I can't join that group, they have an even number. I can't play over there, I'm not fast enough. I sit at recess at watch them play games. That young girl didn't know what to say how to be included or who to talk to She kept quiet,... Continue Reading →

A Poem to Women

My heart cries out to the women afraid to be women they don't claim their power certain the sword will slice them Or they hide their truth because it's easier because it would upset because then they'd have to explain it Or they put on a mask of a man, or another not willing to... Continue Reading →

Whole Inside

Have you ever lost someone not from your close circle not your immediate family but someone outside of the daily routine? Have you ever felt loss not as a constant dull pain but the kind you have to remind yourself about? like when you wake up to find out you cut your hair in the... Continue Reading →

Cuban Blues

Faded blue on the building side, peeling and cracking from time Shiny, bright blue of the classic car as it rolls by Royal blue on the Cuban flag, hanging proudly above the shop window Blue of the sky as it kisses the waves pulsing towards Malecon street Blue jeans, several pairs, tattered and hung on... Continue Reading →

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