Surrender (SOL Day 14)

Observe the many ways in which unease, discontent, and tension arise within you through unnecessary judgment, resistance to what is, and denial of the Now. My mind has been speeding through life recently. At times, I feel I won't be able to catch it. The tools I know and love haven't been useful to calm this... Continue Reading →

In My Body

Connecting more with my body is a skill I am practicing. To experience my visceral self more often is my goal. I spent the majority of my life living in my head, swamped in my own thoughts, and troubled by fears or false beliefs. As I reflected on this practice, I noticed how extreme sports... Continue Reading →


I breathe in through my nose out my mouth Sometimes my chest fills up, my shoulders raise high the muscles of my back tense Sometimes my belly fills deep, the air inside a balloon skimming down from the back of my throat I take a breath but sometimes it takes me for a ride I... Continue Reading →


This word gets tossed around quite a bit in the self-improvement world. It's also creeped its way into hipster crowds, as Pinterest fanatics post numerous quotes like, 'Live in the Now,' or 'Just Be.' Are we skimming the surface here? Is this topic being breezed over in an attempt to feel more connected with others?... Continue Reading →

The Big One

I couldn't take it anymore. My back refused to cooperate after restarting a workout routine. I went for a massage. Not the nice kind when you relax and drift off to sleep, but rather, the sports kind that hurts in a good way. He touched my back and felt what I felt. A knot, tucked... Continue Reading →

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