Pieces of Home

I. The orange sun descending, nestling its sleepy head into the curves of the earth. The plains dusted with pink haze. The sky kisses one corner then stretches to meet the sun just before it departs. The day ends as our time here arrives. II. The same dust collects on the shampoo bottle left in... Continue Reading →

My Nest (Slice of Life: Day 5)

Recently painted, our apartment is beginning to feel like home. The colors exude our personalities, bright teal, calm blue-gray, and a gentle green. The light no longer sends sharp stings of white into your eyes. Walking into a room, the colors welcome you, inviting you to relax and stay a bit longer. Today we began... Continue Reading →

Home is a feeling

¨Home is a feeling, not a place¨ I learned a new Spanish word last week. My portero (doorman, who I'm quickly learning is a go-to person for just about anything we need) stopped us on our way out and asked, ¨¿Te has amañado en la casa?¨. I didn't understand at first, and asked him to... Continue Reading →

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