First Day

I met them today. Not all of them, of course Mostly their parents, as they stood back shyly Talked more with their siblings, young and chatty I met them. My students arrived. I will guide them in learning, help them find answers to their questions, and be one of the most important adults in their... Continue Reading →

What Can I Control?

I began sweating early this morning. Presentations were today and my reaction made me wonder if this is how parents feel when their children perform, compete, or showcase their work. I wanted visitors to be impressed. I wanted them to see the excitement in my students' eyes as they discussed their topic. Would they see what... Continue Reading →

Teaching (Slice of Life: Day 22)

Teaching is a job where expectations are higher than mountains We play with marionettes dancing them to the beat of the song. We must differentiate, entertain, teach social skills without a time frame Planning becomes a competition of Pinterest visuals where salaries don't reflect quality To test or not to test? We teach parents how... Continue Reading →

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