Ser Gringa

Me dicen que soy gringa Extranjera, ¿De dónde eres? Respiro para una pausa ¿Cómo me explico a ustedes? Me dicen que soy gringa Sin conocerme para nada Me pasan y me llaman Con una sola mirada Por la calle oí la voz de una niña Llamandonos gringos tan fuerte Nos miramos en un momento y... Continue Reading →

Eggs for Christmas

On the main street in Cienfuegos, we ventured into one of the local stores that sells basics like flour, rice, eggs, and boxed foods. We were on a mission to get eggs for Christmas morning breakfast and they weren't sold at the produce market (entire chicken? yes. eggs? no.). I grabbed a spot in line,... Continue Reading →

First steps into Cuba

The smell of stale cigarette smoke hit my nose as I turned the corner, exiting the walkway and taking my first steps onto Cuban soil. I immediately recognized the airport, as if I'd been there before. The low, tiled ceilings. The scattered fluorescent lighting. The lingering smell of burning tobacco in the musky air. It... Continue Reading →

Cuba from the sky

The full moon sparkled over the city, lit up for the night. It sparkled back, blinking its innocent eyes up. I looked down at them both from my throne in the sky, curiously imagining this place off the grid. No red or green streets of traffic. No stars, instant reviews, or check-ins on Google. Just... Continue Reading →

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