Before Our Trek

Before the sweet victory of coffee Before the first boat left San Pedro Before Venus sat over the lake Before the rain and beers went down hard Before the creek filled shoes with cool water, or ran by tempting the dry boots on rocks Before we looked back and saw how far we came Before... Continue Reading →

In Nature’s Arms

A marathon over mountains eight meals shared seven creeks crossed strangers turned friends The sharp edge of nature rubbed my ends raw drained my last ounce my strength come and gone A glimpse of the divine in her moss in her sunbeams in her starlight An overwhelming quiet washing over bringing rest step after step... Continue Reading →

Ser Gringa

Me dicen que soy gringa Extranjera, ¿De dónde eres? Respiro para una pausa ¿Cómo me explico a ustedes? Me dicen que soy gringa Sin conocerme para nada Me pasan y me llaman Con una sola mirada Por la calle oí la voz de una niña Llamandonos gringos tan fuerte Nos miramos en un momento y... Continue Reading →

Through the Screen

I look through the screen. I am there. In the lab full of computers and outdated chairs. I can hear Patti in the hallway, cracking a joke. If I stuck my head out the purple door, I might see her and add my own commentary. Two doors down is a room of rainbows where Carol... Continue Reading →

Letter to the Embera

Dear Embera, Thank you for letting me step into your world. It felt wildly different from my own, even though there were no walls between us. You welcomed us in unquestioningly. Perhaps you’ve grown used to accepting foreigners into your home. Wherever it came from, it mattered to me. I watched your children laugh and... Continue Reading →

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