Reaching the Peak

We stood looking at the glacier as the clouds opened up layers of mountain flowing around trees, rocks, and grassland below Our guide asked us a simple question, one that felt bigger than it sounded From here, how does it seem to you- to reach the peak? I looked hard at that distant point I... Continue Reading →

Silver Skyline

The silvery waves roll with power The horizon is a fine line of soft grays touching water and sky With each wave tip, a shadow breaks the skyline Their curved backs appear, mimicking a dark crest They swim against the current with a gentle strength They tease us with their beauty, leaving us wanting more... Continue Reading →

Being me

The music feeds the crowd and the familiar reggaeton beat brings my body to move in all kinds of ways.  A smile is doused over my face, lit up even brighter by the noon sun.  We're packed in tight, but no one is uncomfortable.  In the last hour, we've already become family.  Although I'm focused... Continue Reading →

Home is a feeling

¨Home is a feeling, not a place¨ I learned a new Spanish word last week. My portero (doorman, who I'm quickly learning is a go-to person for just about anything we need) stopped us on our way out and asked, ¨¿Te has amañado en la casa?¨. I didn't understand at first, and asked him to... Continue Reading →

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