First Day

I met them today. Not all of them, of course Mostly their parents, as they stood back shyly Talked more with their siblings, young and chatty I met them. My students arrived. I will guide them in learning, help them find answers to their questions, and be one of the most important adults in their... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Home

I. The orange sun descending, nestling its sleepy head into the curves of the earth. The plains dusted with pink haze. The sky kisses one corner then stretches to meet the sun just before it departs. The day ends as our time here arrives. II. The same dust collects on the shampoo bottle left in... Continue Reading →

29 to 30

29 This year: The best is in the past. The highs and lows are the excitement. What is to come? The unknown. I have no fear of what's behind me, of what's comfortable. Letting go? I am too young and scared. I can't be Ready to turn another year. 30 Ready to turn another year!... Continue Reading →

Graduation Day

Pricks from staples pulled from bulletin boards Pencil shavings in piles on the floor Books piled on shelves in disarray A closet still to be cleaned Sticky fingers from tape Notebooks left behind Our big map torn Empty desks My class One long line Dresses and ties Smile for the photos Hesitant hugs from all... Continue Reading →

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