Sit with It

Although this was written months ago, I have yet to publish its entirety online. This poem is incredibly special to me. It tells of the pain that comes along with transformation and the hope that you might feel in the midst of it all. For the live version of this poem, please visit my Youtube Channel... Continue Reading →

Struggle vs. Victory (Slice of Life: Day 25)

A reverso is a poem with two halves. In a reverso, the second half reverses the lines from the first half, with changes only in punctuation and capitalization — and it has to say something completely different from the first half. What a mountain of emotions! Feeling overwhelmed from the aches and pains. Is the... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Wisdom

'Do your best' read the chocolate wrapping I chose during our final 'Character Counts Week' activity.  Each day given a value to focus on, our final day was given a special treat to celebrate.  The class was handed chocolate with messages for each student.  We talked and reflected together about the piece of wisdom we... Continue Reading →

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