Alone I arrived in Paris, without language or transportation, and found my way to the hotel room. Alone I taught my first lesson to my first class of students, afraid and unprepared. Alone I cared for two extremely sick teens and got them to the Galapagos in time to see the tortoises. Without you there... Continue Reading →

Struggle vs. Victory (Slice of Life: Day 25)

A reverso is a poem with two halves. In a reverso, the second half reverses the lines from the first half, with changes only in punctuation and capitalization — and it has to say something completely different from the first half. What a mountain of emotions! Feeling overwhelmed from the aches and pains. Is the... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Wisdom

'Do your best' read the chocolate wrapping I chose during our final 'Character Counts Week' activity.  Each day given a value to focus on, our final day was given a special treat to celebrate.  The class was handed chocolate with messages for each student.  We talked and reflected together about the piece of wisdom we... Continue Reading →

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