Whole Inside

Have you ever lost someone not from your close circle not your immediate family but someone outside of the daily routine? Have you ever felt loss not as a constant dull pain but the kind you have to remind yourself about? like when you wake up to find out you cut your hair in the... Continue Reading →

We Bleed

What day of your cycle are you in? I wish this question was asked more often, considered on occasion at least. Today I was reminded by a friend of the intense power of our menstrual cycles. During the time we bleed, we are literally opening up to the world. We shed. We cry. We feel.... Continue Reading →

Being a Woman

I got a new tattoo. It is the first that is a tribute for someone else. It began with an idea of flowers on my arm, but it grew into much more. My new tattoo is a symbol for the strong, admirable women in my family. Each is represented in her own flower, which wrap... Continue Reading →

Nurture Under Arrest

In high school, a series of sexual harassment incidents occurred involving my English teacher. Ten years ago, he was released early on good behavior. He spent a mere sixteen months in jail for luring a 17-year-old into a prolonged sexual relationship.  The first victim was my friend's sister, and soon after, several others came forward.... Continue Reading →

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Hidden Bodies

Skirts to your knees three fingers - no more. My friends roll them up the waist bulging Tank tops? Not a chance Unless it resembles a t-shirt without sleeves My collarbone hides with my thighs A V-neck? Too low! I don't have cleavage but my friends do I wonder which is better I get to... Continue Reading →

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I breathe in through my nose out my mouth Sometimes my chest fills up, my shoulders raise high the muscles of my back tense Sometimes my belly fills deep, the air inside a balloon skimming down from the back of my throat I take a breath but sometimes it takes me for a ride I... Continue Reading →


This word gets tossed around quite a bit in the self-improvement world. It's also creeped its way into hipster crowds, as Pinterest fanatics post numerous quotes like, 'Live in the Now,' or 'Just Be.' Are we skimming the surface here? Is this topic being breezed over in an attempt to feel more connected with others?... Continue Reading →

Ocean Power

As the boat slapped the waves, I looked across the ocean. The mist from the waves against the side sprayed my face. The large ones brought us up high, and dropped us hard. I felt my body react with fear when my belly lifted into free fall. I've always connected to water in a unique... Continue Reading →

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