Welcome to Medellín

Excitement and anticipation filled the air, stirring up the fog of exhaustion. We were in a bus with 4 other teachers, luggage stuffed away along with our doubts. We knew that good things lie ahead. Small talk ensued between the yawns. The bus led us down windy roads, pushing and pulling us from side to... Continue Reading →

Steps 2-35 (and counting)

Steps to complete a simple task are typically as follows: Step 1: Get thing needed for task Step 2: Do task (Step 3: Relax and bask in feeling of accomplishment) I'm speaking in terms of everyday tasks, of course.  I won't be referring to the steps needed to acquire a doctorate degree or buy a... Continue Reading →

Numbers of the San Blas

1 leaping Manta Ray 2 hammocks by the sea 3 coconuts-minimum, needed 4 islands visited 5 rings of the conch shell 6 -too late to buy coconuts 7 attempts to restart the fire 8 our hut, and the number of crabs inside it 9 yellow starfish 10 sandy volleyball players 11 new anklets and bracelets... Continue Reading →

Colors of Embera

Green, yellow, tan the river flowing strong rising and growing with the afternoon rain Pink and yellow fruit tart and sweet papaya soft to the bite pineapple fresh from the jungle Blue and brown colors unusual for my skin traditional stripes of tattoo dirt and mud between my toes Deep, dark brown the eyes that... Continue Reading →


Last year, I sat in my classroom holding a card about "Canal de Panama". We learned about this famous man made construction that finally made transportation possible through this area of the world. Students began to grasp the geography of central and South America, and where exactly Panama lies. We laughed when I asked the class,... Continue Reading →

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