Spring Cleaning (Slice of Life: Day 10)

I recently did a meditation on ‘cleaning out your junk drawer’. I was guided through a cluttered space, whether it be in my mind or a real one that I could picture. First, she walked me through the steps of emptying out this drawer. We removed all the items that filled it and laid them out on a large, spacious table. In my mind, I watched them spread out and felt myself naturally begin to organize them into piles. As the meditation continued, she guided me to decide what to toss out, what the save, and what to give away. After going through the drawer with intention and care, I placed back inside what I chose to keep.

This week the significance of this meditation has begun to sink in. There are junk drawers in my mind that need to be revisited. Wounds that have gone unhealed, beliefs that no longer hold truth, and pain that deserves attention have been stashed away for some time. Now I feel ready to lay them out one at a time. I can carefully examine them and choose what can stay and what needs to go. After I am finished, I give myself permission to keep what I still need, without the clutter clouding it.

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