A Taxi in Spain

Avert my eyes So you don't think My smile is an invitation Speak to you rudely lest you mistake my kindness for a yes Use it against me as you press your body closer to mine Young, blond, and white in a foreign country. Sounds like the recipe for a mistake, right? I was 19,... Continue Reading →

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A Poem to Women

My heart cries out to the women afraid to be women they don't claim their power certain the sword will slice them Or they hide their truth because it's easier because it would upset because then they'd have to explain it Or they put on a mask of a man, or another not willing to... Continue Reading →

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Nurture Under Arrest

In high school, a series of sexual harassment incidents occurred involving my English teacher. Ten years ago, he was released early on good behavior. He spent a mere sixteen months in jail for luring a 17-year-old into a prolonged sexual relationship.  The first victim was my friend's sister, and soon after, several others came forward.... Continue Reading →

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Hidden Bodies

Skirts to your knees three fingers - no more. My friends roll them up the waist bulging Tank tops? Not a chance Unless it resembles a t-shirt without sleeves My collarbone hides with my thighs A V-neck? Too low! I don't have cleavage but my friends do I wonder which is better I get to... Continue Reading →

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Pachamama, Did You Know?

Pachamama Did you know we’d be coming when they built here? Did you see our faces among the 2,500? Pachamama Did you whisper in their ears as they laid each stone Of how many eyes and cameras would press up against them? Pachamama Did you fill the soil with your song? Provide it the nutrients... Continue Reading →


Before I left my study-abroad home in Madrid, Spain, I took a series of photos. These pictures felt odd to take, because I already had the images memorized in my mind. I decided to take these photos as a keepsake of the pictures that would inevitably fade with time. My bedroom, the walk to the... Continue Reading →

Colombia (SOL Day 28)

“You’re moving to Colombia? Like, cocaine Colombia?” I shudder inside and my eyes roll back when I hear this type of response. Colombia has so much to offer, so many things to be known for, and yet is unfortunately still an infamous place in the minds of most Americans. I can’t say that Netflix is... Continue Reading →

The Space Where I Learn

A reverso is a poem with two halves. In a reverso, the second half reverses the lines from the first half, with changes only in punctuation and capitalization — and it has to say something completely different from the first half. http://www.readbrightly.com/reverso-poetry-writing-verse-reverse/ My class creates a long day. Time alone is scare. Dealing with drama: easier... Continue Reading →

#SIBS (SOL Day 25)

It’s a rare occasion that it happens. 3 siblings. 1 space. Usually when you meet a family, the siblings are quite unique. You might notice a combination of features distinct in each: the quiet one, the chatty one, or maybe the brainy one. While we do have our distinguishing qualities, I find remarkable the similar... Continue Reading →

Post-Assessment (SOL Day 24)

Yesterday we took an important assessment. Even though my students don’t love them, they understand that assessments are a part of the learning process. They expect them to happen often in our classroom. We use growth mindset language and seek to grow from our experiences. It was the second time this year we had a... Continue Reading →

You and I (SOL Day 23)

You don’t even know how beautiful you are Your heavy eyelids lift before the light touches Your dark crevices become highlighted with gold The secrets of the night before lie plainly on the floor I hear a soft whisper ignite and the rustle of movement I admire you from my place breathing in deeply I... Continue Reading →

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